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About Us

Introduction of Sampoorna Feeds

Sampoorna Feeds have "State of the Art" feed plant with Modern Technologies to produce hygienic quality feeds for Livestock & Poultry. Sampoorna Feed Plant is the single Largest feed plant in Punjab, India. Sampoorna Feeds have feed plant in three places namely Phagwara (Punjab), Yamunanagar (Haryana) and Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh). Recently Sampoorna Feeds inaugurated one of the finest, advanced and fully automated Feed Plant at Phagwara for Animal Feed. Currently, Sampoorna Feed Plant production capacity is 1000 MTs per day. Feed Plant has separate Lines for the Production of Broiler Feeds and Layer Feeds in Mash, Crumble and Pellet form; Cattle Feeds in Mash & pellet form. The computer aided, scientifically compounded, nutritionally balanced feed formulations done by highly qualified Nutritionist using tested and selected feed ingredients. It helps to ensure the fullest exploitation of the genetic potentiality of the Livestock & Poultry under ideal management and environmental conditions. The performance of the feeds under field conditions is constantly monitored by experts at trial farms located in various marketing centres.

Sampoorna Production Department has a theme of "Feed......... as it should be" Sampoorna Feeds Production Department is well equipped with modernized Quality Control Laboratory which includes NIR to analyze Nutrient contents of Raw Materials & Finished Products.

Sampoorna has established with an objective of providing poultry with a hygienic, nutritionally balanced and easily digestible diet. It began operations in 1995. Today, Sampoorna Feeds, as it is widely known, is the forerunner among pellet feed brands in North India. This is due to the company's emphasis on uncompromising quality and services. Right from inception, our focus has been on using superior technology as the means to achieve quality. The obvious choice has been Quality and leaders in feed processing.

Sophisticated systems from abroad are the driving force of Sampoorna plants. As we all know we are stepping with our feed plants out of the country soon. The plants are strategically located, for easy supply to poultry pockets in North India. Sampoorna manufactures and sells poultry feed under the Sampoorna brand name for captive consumption to the Sampoorna Group.