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Sampoorna Feeds are well known for its Quality. Each and every raw materials and finished products are subject to stringent quality control analysis at the modern laboratory attached to the factory at Phagwara (Punjab) which also has facilities for all MYCOTOXIN analysis. All the raw materials are purchased on Quality guarantee basis only. Raw materials meeting the quality specification are only used for feed production. Finished product that meet our quality standards are dispatched to the market.

Our growth is more than 500% in less than 10 years stands as a testimony to our commitment to quality. The feed products manufactured by Sampoorna have the nutritional values that meet International specifications and standards. They help the poultry and dairy farmers to increase productivity at the lowest cost, thus ensuring profitability and prosperity.

Sampoorna Poultry Feed is formulated based on the Nutrient requirement of different varieties of Breed to exploit its full genetic potential. Poultry feed is fortified with all essential Macro & Micro nutrients. It ensures a "Solid Foundation" for excellent Growth, Health and Productivity of birds. The complex nutritional requirement of Modern Hybrid Broilers & Layers is met by Sampoorna Feeds. Sampoorna Feeds is energized and enriched with all essential Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals to attain consistently higher Body Weight Gain, Uniformity of flocks, Better Dressing Yield and early Marketability in Broilers and Standard Body Weight of Pullets at the Point of Lay and Optimum Productivity in Layers.